Okay, Great, So Black Friday Is July 12 Now

Image courtesy of (Mr. T in D.C.)

Last November, we humbly proposed moving the all-American orgy of consumerism known as Black Friday back a week so retail employees and dedicated shoppers might get to enjoy their Thanksgiving and spend some of the holiday with their families. Target has taken our idea a little too far, and seems to think that Black Friday is tomorrow, July 12.


Reader Siddarth sent us this mysterious e-mail from Target. We blinked, we shook our heads, we took screencaps, we contacted Target’s media relations team, and then we cried a little.


These are nice deals and all, but since when did “Black Friday” come to mean “the week after Independence Day?” Or is it instead that this special early access is four and a half months early?

We asked Target. We’ll let you know when we hear back.

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