Don’t Rob A Store, Then Leave A Real Job Application Behind



We’re all about multitasking here at Consumerist: as I write this, I am also running a load of laundry and petting a dog with my foot. For example. If you want to save time while running errands, though, don’t follow the lead of a man who combined robbing a store with applying for a job at them, leaving behind an application with his real contact information.

Police say that a man was applying for a job at a Florida gas station when he realized that grabbing bills out of the cash register pays out much more quickly than actual work. Unfortunately, he figured this out only after applying to work there. The application he left had his real contact information, making it easier for for authorities to track him down.

Crime might pay out faster at first, but not in the long run.

Raw Video: Man grabs cash after filling out job application [WESH]

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