The TSA’s Instagram Of Confiscated Items Exhibits Quite An Enthusiasm For Hashtags


Not cigarettes —  a stun gun confiscated by TSA. (TSAblogteam)

If you have had it up to here — and I mean, all the way up here — with baby and food and baby food photos on Instagram, we’re here to let you know there are other options. The Transportation Security Administration’s new Instagram of confiscated items will likely not have any of the aforementioned pictures, unless your baby is actually a grenade.

The recently unveiled TSA account “TSAblogteam” is burning up the Internets with a veritable armory of banned items it’s taken from passengers: Fireworks, loaded guns and even something called a knifegun, notes The Verge. We’ve got to think that is a gun that shoots knives but that’s probably not right.

There’s even a stun gun not-so-cleverly disguised as a pack of cigarettes (from Mar-double L-boro, no less) tagged with not one, not two, but 25 hashtags. Overkill there, bro. Easy on the #hashtagging, it’s a slippery slope.

Showing that even the TSA can be down with the kids these days, the photos exhibit an awareness of filters and a peppering of hashtags like “The perfect #knife to bring to a #gunfight.” Duly noted.

#Grenades and #travel: the TSA wins Instagram with its feed of confiscated items [The Verge]

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