You Can Bid On Logo And Name From Former United Airlines HQ

unitedlogoUnited Airlines hasn’t just changed its logo in the wake of its merger with Continental; it’s also moved to a new office. And since the huge UNITED logo sitting on the former office building is now out-of-date, why not auction it off for a good cause?

As part of its auction to raise money for the United Airlines Scholarship Fund, the carrier is taking bids on both the “tulip” logo and the letters that formed the word “United” on the side of the airline’s former HQ at 77 W. Wacker Dr. in Chicago.

Though the tulip is being auctioned off separately, the letters — ranging in weight from 38 lbs. for the “I” to 75 lbs. each for the “U,” “N,” “E,” and “D” — must be bid on as a complete package. Though we suppose that the buyer can have fun rearranging them to spell whatever word(s) he or she can create.

Here are just a few options we came up with —
Ed Unit
Die Nut
Diet Nu
Tied Nu
Tuned I
Dune It
Nude It
Duet In
Due Nit

The tulip logo, which ways 100 lbs., was created for the airlines in 1974 by legendary designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, also known for iconic logos for the United Way, the Girl Scouts of America, Warner Bros., Quaker Oats, and many others.

The logo and lettering all stand 5′ high, in case you’re already busting out the measuring tape to see how it will all fit into your living room.

Though we’re really hoping that some other airline buys it all and then gives it to their employees along with a bunch of baseball bats and crowbars.

Right now, the high bid on the tulip is $2,600. No one appears to have placed a bid on the letters, which start at $1,000.

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