Alamo Drafthouse Gives Out Free Movie Passes Over Alarm That No One Complained About

winchesterTo some people, the Alamo Drafthouse chain of movie theaters may be best known as the place that created the greatest anti-texting PSA ever, but for one Consumerist reader, it’s also the company that won him over by proactively responding to a minor annoyance without anyone having to file a complaint.

Eric says he and his friends went to an Alamo last weekend to check out Man of Steel, which is apparently some sort of indie documentary about the possibility of alien life on Earth. He tells Consumerist that during the movie, a door alarm in the building began going off. At first, it wasn’t that noticeable because it was at a part in the film when alarm-like noises would make sense.

But then it continued on for several minutes and Eric, et al, realized they were not supposed to be hearing it.

The alarm eventually ceased and everyone continued on watching the movie, but when things were wrapping up and theatergoers began paying their checks — Alamo serves food and beer — each person in the theater got a free pass to another Alamo movie as a proactive apology for the door alarm incident.

“The alarm was a bit annoying, but it didn’t really bother anyone in my group,” Eric tells Consumerist. “Yet Alamo did a small thing to ensure that we will be back (and spending way more on beer and food than the cost of a ticket).”

A rep for the theater chain says that though the company strives to be the best at all times, “we also recognize we’re human and the world is sometimes an imperfect place. Mistakes happen. When they do, we look to own those mistakes or errors in an honest and open way and, where necessary, make amends for any experience that did not meet our standard.”

This all just gives us another excuse to play the aforementioned anti-texting PSA (which contains a slew of NSFW language, along with multiple instances of questionable pronunciation):

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