Dollar Shave Club Turns To The Other Cheeks With New Butt-Wipe Memberships

Toilet paper takes toooo long, says Dubin.

Toilet paper takes toooo long, says Dubin.

For those unfamiliar with Dollar Shave Club, it’s a young whippersnapper of a company that’s been cleaning up in the U.S. razor market since its debut about a year ago. Its business plan includes various tiers of membership packages, with subscribers receiving packages of razors every month. The company is now turning to your other cheeks with the introduction of One Wipe Charlies which yes, are wipes for your butt.

CEO and video pitchman Michael Dubin tells Businessweek that he simply wanted to provide a product that shoppers might feel embarrassed to buy in the store.

“I’ve been a butt-wipe user for years. I just think it’s a better experience,” Dubin said. “And of course, the video just writes itself.”

His company’s aim, he adds, is to eventually “own the bathroom” and to that end, Dollar Shave has done its research. After surveying men about their wiping habits, it found that about half of those surveyed said they use wipes in addition to or instead of toilet paper. And about 25% of those men are ashamed of their clean habits, hiding the wipes out of sight.

Don’t be shy about cleaning your manbits (or ladybits, because cleanliness is not gender-specific, obviously). Now, onto the funny stuff, which you probably skipped to already, with the aptly named Let’s Talk About #2 (because you “don’t  have time to jump back in the shower after a messy #6):

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