Dollar Shave Club Lures Customers With Cheap Razors & Cheeky Ad

We get it — the YouTube ad for Dollar Shave Club is sweeping the Internets, popping up on the Facebook page of everyone you know. While it’s not the absolute funniest or most original ad of its ilk (remember the Old Spice Guy’s continuous shot thing?), it’s causing quite a stir. Oh and yes, you can actually get razors for a dollar(ish) every month.

The video was uploaded on March 5 and already has almost two million views. This is what the kids would call “going viral.” In it, the company’s head razor dude and founder, Mike, explains that their blades are “f***ing great,” and that your grandfather didn’t need a vibrating razor to get his sweet shave.

On the site, men can sign up for three different monthly blade delivery options: There’s the $1 (plus shipping and handling!) “Humble Twin” option which includes five cartridges a month; the $6 “4X” with four cartridges or “The Executive” with six blades, a lubricating strip and three cartridges per month. The more expensive options include S&H.

Let’s just sit back and wait for the inevitable lady version of this adorable marketing gimmick to come out. Or maybe women will just continue stealing the menfolk’s razors in the shower anyway.

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