Time Warner Cable Holds Up My New Account Over Nine Cents

Gary tells Consumerist that he was all ready to rejoin the ranks of Time Warner Cable customers, but something stood in his way. He had an outstanding balance with the company, so they wouldn’t start service for him again until he settled up. Well, that’s totally reasonable: how big was the balance? Nine cents.

Well it’s great to be back in Time Warner service area, I really missed them.

After leaving Time Warner about 7 years ago I’m moving back to their area. I submitted an online order today for new service but received an email that my account was blocked due to delinquent balance. Customer service then notifies me that I have a 9 cent balance, and that they would process $1 to pay this balance and move forward with my new order. So relieved that at least they didn’t send me to collections over this! So how do I get my 91 cents back that they owe me now.

If they don’t apply it to the current balance, the 91 cents may just be lost.

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