IKEA, Where Every Day Is Father’s Day

ikea_dads_breakfastFathers are pretty awesome. So we wouldn’t question it if IKEA chose to give free breakfasts every day to dad, or even to every parent or guardian who came in the store. That isn’t what this sign advertises, though, and that’s why we’re kind of confused.

“I went to Ikea and was excited when I saw I could get a $0.99 breakfast plate today for being a dad,” Jay typed to us using our Tipster App, “but it turns out ‘today’ translates to ‘June 16, 2013’ from Swedish.”

It does…but only on June 16.

It’s not that two bucks is a lot to pay for breakfast, because it certainly isn’t. We’re just amused that someone is clearly asleep behind the sign-changer at the midwestern IKEA where Jay found this.

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