Delivery Guy Caught Treating Customer’s Pizza As His Personal Snack Bar

Don't mind if I do.

Don’t mind if I do.

The next time your pizza seems a bit skimpy on the toppings, you might want to consider asking your delivery guy if he was feeling particularly hungry. A pizzeria employee  in St. Petersburg, Russia responsible for ferrying a customer’s pie on its journey to consumption couldn’t resist the urge to snack before the pizza reached its final destination. Unfortunately for him, there just so happened to be a security camera in the elevator.

In the video he walks in, all business, sets down the pizza bag, pulls out the pie and starts picking away, gobbling up bits of food at a rapid clip like he hasn’t eaten in days. He then closes up the box and puts the partially denuded pizza back in the bag, easy as you please.

First of all — eww. Thinking about someone touching, picking and generally grubbing around on your food is enough to put anyone off their pizza for good. Or at least until they can can scrub these images from their minds.

Second, according to a commenter on Reddit, who pointed to the incriminating video, the higher ups at the pizzeria weren’t too pleased with their employee’s snack attack either. He translated one of the comments on the YouTube video which is allegedly from the company, saying:

This video has been received by us. This unprecedented event for our company. We found this deliverer and punished to the full extent. This man no longer works in our company. We’re sorry.

While it’s grody and all, we hope “punished to the full extent” isn’t as ominous as it sounds. Removing this guy from food service should be enough.

Watch him in action below, if your stomach can take it.

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