Vanilla Mountain Dew, Strawberry Pepsi Made Possible By New Soda Fountains

765-r3yGV.Em.55Four years after Coca-Cola launched its Freestyle soda fountains that allow users to mix/match/blend/concoct whatever flavor monstrosities they want without the hassle of having to bounce from nozzle to nozzle, PepsiCo has finally gotten on board the Fantasy Flavor Train with a test of a new soda fountain that allows customers to add shots of extra flavor into their sweet drinks.

The Touch Tower fountains are going to be tested at five Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill restaurants in Denver starting next week. A rep for the company tells the AP that the touchscreen-controlled Tower allows customers to add up to four “flavor shots” — lemon, cherry, strawberry, vanilla — into eight different PepsiCo beverages.

So have at it with your Strawberry Lemon Mountain Dew, Vanilla Cherry Diet Pepsi, or whatever other mixture you can think of.

However, what you can’t do with the Touch Tower is mix up your PepsiCo drinks. So you’ll have to get creative and use multiple cups if you want a Strawberry Vanilla Lemon Pepsi Dew.

That being said, PepsiCo says this is just the first of several fountain iterations it will be testing.

As usual, Pepsi has some catching up to do with Coke, as there are already around 7,000 Freestyle machines serving up drinks to Coca-Cola customers around the country.

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