Who Knew You Could Buy A Snack Sauna, Earth Fur & A Length Checker At Lowes?

You know that stuff, it’s green and grassy, and you put it on the ground to cover dirt? Lowes and other home improvement stores, well, they call that “sod.” But it really makes much more sense as “Earth Fur.” Just like a ceiling fan should logically be called, “Spinny Windy.” If only someone would go around stores and replace those boring, non descriptive signs out for better ones.

Oh, but someone has: Comedy blogger Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans and video technician Zack Soltes took a trip to Lowes and switched out signs for everything from work loves (“Hand Blankets,” of course) to toilets (“Poop Pools,” anyone?) in the video “Round 2: Better Names For Things.”

The store’s staff probably don’t much appreciate the re-labeling, but Pleated Jeans notes in the comments that they haven’t gotten in trouble for doing so (they did it at Target once as well) — yet.

“I was nervous the first time I did it, but you’d be surprised how much people are either completely oblivious or just don’t care,” he explains, adding that before filming he goes to the store with a tape measure to ensure that the signs are made to the right dimensions for each project, and snaps a picture so the designs are the same, too.

I am going to call my microwave the “Snack Sauna” from now on.

*Thanks for the tip, Mike!

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