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Here’s A Snap-On Bluetooth Skimmer Spotted Out In The Wild

Have you ever wondered how a retailer can leave a Bluetooth skimmer on a payment card terminal in its stores for weeks at a time? It’s harder to detect the devices than you might think, because crooks have their own places to shop for spare parts that snap right on a payment terminal and are hard to spot if you aren’t looking for them. [More]


Some Jerks Are Using Bluetooth Card Skimming Devices At Dallas Gas Stations

If you live in the Dallas area, you might want to rethink using plastic to pay at the gas station. Not because debit and credit cards aren’t a fine way to pay for fuel, but because some jerks are using Bluetooth skimming devices to steal from oblivious drivers at the pump. [More]

6 Things We Learned About Bluetooth ATM Skimmers In Mexico

6 Things We Learned About Bluetooth ATM Skimmers In Mexico

If you took a summer vacation this year, you may have spent it on a beach, on a boat, or at a theme park. Security journalist Brian Krebs spent his summer vacation doing something that sounds super-fun to us: hunting down compromised ATMs in Mexico. He found quite a few, and also learned who might be behind all of his fraud. [More]