Sorry, Colorado: No Pot-Infused Twinkies For You

Bad news, entrepreneurs: you won’t be able to infuse the cream filling in your massive Twinkie hoard with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and sell them to the general public. It’s nothing specifically against Twinkies, but a rule made as part of Colorado’s new regulations that will govern the sale of not-quite-federally-legal marijuana products in that state.

State legislators finished up making the rules that will govern the legal sale and taxation of marijuana smokables and edibles. The maximum dose in a homemade cookie is one issue, especially after some authorities report more children seeking emergency medical attention for overdoses after accidentally eating a plate full of the wrong brownies. So is the distribution of pot-themed magazines: should they be on shelves in the open, or only sold from behind store counters like pornography? After all, both are totally legal but adults-only.

As for the Twinkies, the relevant regulation stops local businesses from taking existing premade food products and adding THC goodness to them. Another food specifically mentioned: Pop-Tarts.

Haggling Continues Over Marijuana Testing, Magazines [CBS Denver]

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