Dude, Where Are The Rockies? Pot Tourism Is Probably Coming To Colorado

Although New York City originally bore the New Amsterdam name, the entire state of Colorado might have a lot more in common with its present day Dutch counterparts in the near future. A marijuana task force there has suggested a few things to state regulators in terms of pot tourism, and it sounds like it could make for quite the booming business.

An official pot task force has been set up to make recommendations to regulators as to how the state should handle the drug made legal by voters in 2012, reports the Associated Press.

It made some pretty interesting formal suggestions this week, including:

• Non-residents should be allowed to buy pot in stores but would be limited to a certain amount during one transaction. So you couldn’t go up and order a pound to go about your day. You probably won’t be allowed to transport the stuff beyond state borders, naturally. It’s unclear if residents would also be limited to a quantity, perhaps a different amount than outsiders.

• Only Coloradans would be allowed to apply for a license to open up a marijuana store, and there would not be any state-run stores like some states sell liquor.

• Easing state tax filing for marijuana businesses, ostensibly so they could file just as easily as other establishments.

• After all these stores open up and business is booming, the task force suggested the state loosen up criminal laws against people under 21 who get caught with marijuana for the first time.

One thing the task force didn’t cover is the rules for home growers or public use. The vote last year included an allowance of up to six plants per adult.

It’s all up to the state legislature to vote on these suggestions, and then we’re sure plenty of people who never expressed an interest in the state will suddenly find reasons to “finally visit the Rocky Mountains.”

*H/T to Dain for the link!

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