Raiders Of The Lost Walmart: Old Crap Isn’t As Useless As it Seems

Sometimes, the items that the Raiders of the Lost Walmart dig up aren’t quite as useless as they seem. They’re still pretty terrible, and the odds are very poor that a person who uses the obsolete video or gaming system required is going to walk in the door. But they’re not quite as useless or obsolete as many of the items we feature in this series.


“Walmart still [thinks] Gameboy Advance games are worth 30 bucks,” sneered reader Eric. The same Ham-Ham Games pack costs $29 unopened from an Amazon vendor, but you can also get it used for as little as $3 plus shipping.

Reader Andrew spotted this forgotten animated movie game released on a forgotten format: the HD-DVD. He found it in Zellers, a Canadian discount retailer that’s currently liquidating. When a store is closing down, that’s when the true retail antiquities come out of of the warehouse.


But wait! Like the Hamtaro game, you can find this item on Amazon for just under $30…not quite as high as that $40 CDN sticker price, but more than one would expect for a movie in an uncommon format. It’s a collectible, we suppose…but is there really anyone out there who wants to collect it?

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