It’s Hard To Tell When The Onion’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Because It’s The Onion

Image courtesy of LOL, The Onion. We L'ed OL.
LOL, The Onion. We L'ed OL.

The Onion’s response to getting hacked makes us LOL..

We often come across headlines that are so ridiculous, it makes us wonder if they’re written by the satirical minds over at The Onion. Which is why what now appears to be a hack attack on The Onion’s Twitter account was initially confusing to many, as the tweets featured fake links to fake stories about fake news. It now appears that The Onion was indeed, outfaked, further proving the need for a two-step verification process on Twitter.

As TechCrunch and other news outlets are reporting, a series of now-deleted tweets from @TheOnion appear to be the result of a hack attack from the same group that hit the Associated Press recently.

The tweets (scroll down for a screengrab via TechCrunch) include things like “UN retracts report of Syrian chemical weapon use: ‘Lab tests confirm it is Jihadi body odor.’ ”

All have since been taken down since they went up earlier this afternoon, and just a few minutes ago @TheOnion posted this, in true Onion form, in response:

The same group is alleged to have been behind the AP hack, which included a tweet about an explosion at the White House that caused the stock market to take a dip before the tweets were revealed as fakes.

So, Twitter — how’s that two-step verification process going?

The hacked tweets below:


The Onion’s Suspected Twitter Hack Reveals The Syrian Electronic Army’s Morbid Humor [TechCrunch]

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