A Bucket Of Chili Proves Useful In Thwarting Would-Be Robbers At Chicken Joint

Silly would-be robbers — if you haven’t learned by now not to try to steal from a restaurant with an abundance of hot stuff around, well, things probably won’t work out for you. Police Down Under say a man attempting a heist at a Sydney chicken shop left with a faceful of hot chili flakes instead of cash, due to a quick-thinking employee.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a 24-year-old man argued with staff at a chicken take-out spot last night, before allegedly trying to grab some cash and go.

“It’s alleged he walked behind the counter and tried to push the two workers aside before attempting to open the cash register,” said a police inspector.

One employee ran to the front of the store to call cops while the other stood her ground by the cash register. Oh, and she grabbed the closest weapon she could find.

“He’s tried to smash open the cash register on the floor and struck the woman, she’s responded with a bucket of chili flakes over his face, it was the actual chili that’s got in the face and floored him,” said the inspector. It’s our guess that those flakes were part of a hot, steamy sauce, but that’s not clear from the reports.

The cash register’s contents stayed safe, while the suspect ended up at the hospital to get treatment for minor burns on his face. He was charged with assault and the intent to rob.

Red-faced robber: bucket of chilli floors takeaway thief [Sydney Morning Herald]

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