Woman Wins $5,000 Diamond Prize, Finds Out After Accidentally Swallowing It

A fundraiser event in Tampa was sort of a boozy raffle. Guests could pay $20 for a flute of champagne with a clear gemstone at the bottom. Everyone got to drink champagne, and one lucky guest won a diamond worth $5,000. The 80-year-old winner didn’t have to worry about finding a safe place to store the stone on her way home, because she had accidentally swallowed it.

The stone’s disappearance caused a moment of panic for the donor of the stone. Having checked the stones in the other 399 champagne flutes, “We started to panic because we knew we put a diamond in there,” a partner at the diamond wholesaler told the Tampa Bay Tribune.

They didn’t wait for the stone to come out the old-fashioned way. It just so happened that the winner had a colonoscopy coming up soon, and the doctor fetched the diamond from her digestive tract. It was cleaned, verified, probably cleaned again, polished, and maybe cleaned again for good measure. She hopes that the stone becomes a family heirloom. Whether they pass the story down with it or do their best to forget its origin story.

Ingested diamond is a jewel of a story for flustered winner [Tampa Bay Tribune] (via Time)

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