Trying To Sneak Poisoned Juice Into A Starbucks Fridge Is One Way To Get Cops’ Attention

It’s quite a day for Starbucks in the headlines, but this time it was the target of some particularly toxic vitriol. As in, a woman is accused of trying to sneak tainted bottles of orange juice into a store display in San Jose. It appears at least one person in the store wasn’t totally immersed in their laptop and saw the shenanigans before anyone got hurt.

Cops say the 50-year-old woman walked into the store and another customer allegedly spotted her pulling two bottles of orange juice out of her purse, before putting them in a display case next to the regular, non-poisoned liquids for sale.

The eagle-eyed customer told a store employee and the woman took off. That’s when staff detected a “toxic smell” in the bottles, and called 911, reports Mercury News.

Police tracked down the woman using her license plate number and she was arrested later on suspicion of felony poisoning. According to hazardous materials technicians, she’d allegedly mixed up rubbing alcohol with the juice. Blech.

No one chugged any of the nasty stuff, and there’s no clear motive as to whether the suspect was mad at the chain itself or other customers.

San Jose: Woman arrested, accused of trying to sneak poisoned OJ into Starbucks fridge [Mercury News]

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