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Health Officials Investigating After Restaurant’s Apple Juice Burns Kids

We’ve heard of kids accidentally being served alcohol at restaurants before, but according to police in Pennsylvania, three kids complained that their throats and mouths were burning after drinking what was supposed to be apple juice at a Chinese buffet restaurant. [More]

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Trying To Sneak Poisoned Juice Into A Starbucks Fridge Is One Way To Get Cops’ Attention

It’s quite a day for Starbucks in the headlines, but this time it was the target of some particularly toxic vitriol. As in, a woman is accused of trying to sneak tainted bottles of orange juice into a store display in San Jose. It appears at least one person in the store wasn’t totally immersed in their laptop and saw the shenanigans before anyone got hurt. [More]

Save Money By Using Up Old Groceries

Save Money By Using Up Old Groceries

Chances are you’ve got forgotten food supplies in your pantry, writes Herb Weisbaum, so why not feed your family some old food for a week and ban yourself from the grocery store? The woman in Weisbaum’s article tried it out, and found that there were enough unused items that when she was forced to make do, she figured out a way. [More]