The Twinkies Are Coming, The Twinkies Are Coming!: New Hostess To Open Bakeries Soon

As with anything delicious and filled with ooey, gooey creamy goodness, we’ve been keeping an eye on the new Hostess for any signs of Twinkies’ return. A judge cleared the way for the brand’s sale in March, with the new owners eyeing a summer release date for the first batch of Twinkies, and now the company has announced that bakeries will soon be open and ready for business.

Last week Hostess announced that bakeries would reopen bakeries in Georgia and Kansas, and today it revealed that bakeries will also open in Indiana and Illinois, reports the Associated Press.

The company is already accepting applications and will start hiring next month, with some bakeries perhaps going into operation by the end of May. The goal  here being to have Twinkies and their other snack brethren on shelves by the end of July.

Hostess also released a statement clarifying its position on employing union workers, after a recent report in the Wall Street Journal where the new owner reportedly said the company does “not expect to be involved in the union going forward.”

Hostess now says that “statements attributed to various Hostess officials were incomplete and did not reflect the company’s policies.”

“Hostess intends to hire the most qualified applicants, regardless of their age, race, gender, or prior or current union affiliation,” the company said. It added “none of the company representatives stated or intended to imply that Hostess will be avoiding union-represented employees or job applicants.”

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