SquareTrade Hurls Samsung Galaxy S4 At The Ground, Probably Denies Own Claim

galaxyS4Do you enjoy product reviews from our sibling publication Consumer Reports, but wish that there were more smashing? Do you love the classic “Will it Blend?” YouTube videos, but want to see items destroyed in more realistic situations? You’re in luck. The hard-working experts at extended warranty/protection plan provider SquareTrade conducted a publicity stunt series of tests on current top-of-the-line smartphones to see which was most likely to survive being dropped on a corner from shoulder height, dunked in water, and slid across a table. That last one is kind of anticlimactic.

They compared the old and new versions of Samsung’s flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S3 and S4, with Apple’s iPhone 5.

Easiest to hold on to: The iPhone. Both Galaxy models are more slippery, and the S4’s wide screen makes it more likely to topple out of your hand.

Easiest to shatter: The S4 was most likely to shatter when dropped from four feet up, with its older brother holding up a little better. The iPhone won this contest, too.

Least likely to drown:The S4 proved more resistant to water than the S3, and the iPhone held up a bit better. You don’t want to drop any of them in a hot tub, though.

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