Louvre Forced To Close After Staff Walks Out In Protest Of Aggressive Pickpockets

Beyond all the valuable pieces of art on display at the Louvre in Paris, there’s a whole other set of treasures — the pockets and purses of the millions of visitors who walk through its doors every year. The world’s most-visited museum was forced to close today after more than 100 staff walked out in protest over the rampant thievery going on right under Mona Lisa’s nose.

Workers walked off the job today to call attention to the problem of large, organized gangs of thieves who they say roam the museum and are becoming “more aggressive.” Staff and visitors alike have been falling prey to pickpockets, reports The Guardian, with the museum admitting that it’s problem that’s growing bigger.

This, despite the fact that police are working closely with the museum, and those people already known as pickpockets are not allowed to re-enter the museum.

A union official for the staff said workers are afraid of the roving gangs, which include minors who can get into the Louvre for free. There have also been reports of spitting, insults, threats and kicking on the part of the thieves.

The museum will be open tomorrow, however. So keep an eye on your personal belongings or hey, just don’t bring anything with you that’s not absolutely necessary.

Louvre closed on account of pickpockets [The Guardian]

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