fight for $15


Retail, Fast Food Companies Still Hate Laws Regulating ‘On-Call’ Schedules

While the Fight for $15 movement hasn’t been successful in raising starting wages to $15 in every industry and across the country, one thing that it has done is bring attention to worker-unfriendly scheduling practices like on-call shifts and publishing work schedules shortly before they go into effect. [More]

Fight for $15

Fast Food, Airport, And Health Care Workers Stage Nationwide Walkout

The threatened strike of low-paid workers at Chicago’s O’Hare airport didn’t happen at Thanksgiving time as originally proposed, but did occur today as part of a nationwide series of strikes. In some cities, protesters blocking public streets were arrested, but the predicted disruption of air travel at the country’s busiest airports didn’t happen. [More]


McDonald’s CEO To Shareholders: No Plans To Replace Employees With Robots Yet

As governments and traditionally low-wage jobs raise their minimum wage or starting pay for employees, McDonald’s will be forced to pay higher wages to employees. That might cause the company to use more automation, perhaps replacing employees with robots, right? At today’s shareholders’ meeting, CEO Steve Easterbrook assured employees that robots will not be taking over. Probably. [More]