California Lawmaker Seeking To Extend Bar Hours Not Ready To Part With That Beer At 2 A.M.

To a person, the one thing visiting friends always said to me after I moved to New York City was: “It’s crazy how late bars are open here!” Crazy, maybe, but last call is at 4 a.m., and not 2 a.m. like many other establishments across the country. One California lawmaker has apparently been visiting pals in the Big Apple because he wants his state to adopt those later hours for last call.

State Sen. Mark Leno has proposed to keep the good times flowing until 4 a.m. in order to attract tourists — perhaps those same friends of mine so flabbergasted by the idea of more hours within which to guzzle, swig, chug and otherwise down drinks — and all the money tourists spend on entertaining themselves.

According to ABC News, Leno wants to compete with the late drinkers in NYC, Las Vegas and Miami, saying it’ll be good for business. But law enforcement officials aren’t so sure, saying it’ll bring the troublemaking boozehounds out in droves, causing violence and drunken driving.

Instead of demanding that all bars stay open until 4 a.m., however, the law would let cities give establishments the option to push back hours if they so choose. The San Francisco Democrat will get a first public committee hearing for his bill on April 23.

Calif’s 4 a.m. Last Call Bill Already Fuels Debate [ABC News]

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