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Fox & Hound, Champps Locations Closing After Owner Files For Bankruptcy

Fox & Hound, Champps Locations Closing After Owner Files For Bankruptcy

If you were planning on watching upcoming NCAA or NFL games at a Fox & Hound or Champps sport bar, you should call first. Dozens of locations for the bar/restaurant chains are shuttering only weeks after their parent company filed for bankruptcy protection.  [More]

Scott Lynch

AB InBev Getting Drunk On Idea Of Buying SABMiller For $122 Billion

It’s late at night and Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller are the only two beer companies left in the bar… mostly because these two have merged with everyone else in town. So what’s the harm in a couple of acquisition-tipsy beer biggies getting together? That’s why AB InBev has reportedly been texting its banking buddies for advice on hooking up with Miller. [More]


There’s Still Time To Be Considered For Consumerist’s D.C.-Based Freelance Gig

E-mails and resumes have been flowing in steadily since we mentioned that we’re looking for a freelance contributor based in or around Washington, D.C., but time is running out for interested writers and reporters to be considered. So if you dream about covering the consumer world from our nation’s capital, send your C.V. and clips (or links to published stories) to by the end of the day Monday, July 29. [More]


California Lawmaker Seeking To Extend Bar Hours Not Ready To Part With That Beer At 2 A.M.

To a person, the one thing visiting friends always said to me after I moved to New York City was: “It’s crazy how late bars are open here!” Crazy, maybe, but last call is at 4 a.m., and not 2 a.m. like many other establishments across the country. One California lawmaker has apparently been visiting pals in the Big Apple because he wants his state to adopt those later hours for last call. [More]