Shrink Ray Blasts Old Spice Deodorant, Leading To Stench And Sadness



Andrew is a regular user of Old Spice deodorant, so he noticed when a packaging change also meant a sizing change. And no, it was not the same brand/fragrance scramble that led another Old Spice user to think that his deodorant, too, had fallen prey to the shrink ray. Nope. This is the same product.

Attached is a picture of some Old Spice I recently bought. Unlike a post a few months ago, this is the same product. The left is the original, the middle is the new, which was part of a 2-pack, the sleeve showing on the right. As you can see, it has shrunk 7.5% from 3.25oz to 3.00oz.

But, that is not the worst of it! The single item version, which I obviously avoided, has super-shrunk by almost 31% and is only 2.25oz!! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture at the store.

We are not able to confirm Andrew’s second paragraph: we can’t find single sticks of the 2.25 ounce version for sale online, probably because people don’t generally buy single sticks of deodorant online. Still, it’s a sad day for the foes of smelliness.

Old Spice Shaves Off .25 Ounces Of Deodorant, Sells For Same Price…Or Does It?