Here Are Your Sexiest CEO In America Tournament Finalists!

Image courtesy of (Cat appears courtesy of Earth2Kim)
(Cat appears courtesy of Earth2Kim)

(Cat appears courtesy of Earth2Kim)

Every year, when our Worst Company in America tournament rolls around, some yaysayers wonder why we can’t make it more positive. “Where’s the Best Company in America?” they ask. Things like “good customer service” and “corporate responsibility” are important and all, but no one else is asking the real hard-hitting question: how easy are companies’ chief executives on the eyes?

During this interlude in our Worst Company in America Tournament, we decided to let our readers vote for the best of the best. The fattest of the cats. The foxiest of the silver foxes. We chose the specimens at the top of Fortune Magazine’s top companies list. They’re a diverse bunch, ranging all the way from old white guys in gray suits with blue ties to middle-aged white guys in black suits with yellow ties. Also, of course, there is Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman.

Congratulations to our top finishers, Jamie Dimon and Meg Whitman!