City Says Woman Used 214,000 Gallons Of Water, All While Being Out Of Town For A Month

The homeowner's bill jumped from $60 to $2659.

The homeowner’s bill jumped from $60 to $2659.

A California woman who had never paid more than $60 for her monthly water service was recently hit with a staggering $2,659 water bill, but the utility provider insists nothing is wrong with her meter.

According to the water folks, the widow who says she does two loads of laundry a week and runs the dishwasher once in that same time, suddenly managed to use up an astounding 213,900 gallons in a 30-day period.

“If I had that much water, I’d be in the sinkhole like the man in Florida,” the woman tells KCAL-TV.

Compounding the confusion, she insists that she was visiting her daughter in Alaska for the entire month, meaning not even those eight loads of laundry were done while she was away.

Yet the Eastern Municipal Water District maintains that the woman’s meter was “repeatedly inspected and found to be producing accurate readings.”

Regardless, the utility company did knock her bill down to $491, still more than eight times what she’d normally pay for her meager water bill.

After her story got picked up by local news, a member of a nearby church volunteered to pay off the outstanding balance.

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