Here Are Your Contestants For The 2013 Worst Company In America Tournament!

After sorting through a record number of nominations from you, the readers of Consumerist, we’ve spent the last few days culling that massive list down to the 32 businesses deemed most worthy of vying for the title of Worst Company In America 2013!

The overwhelming majority (75%) of the companies set to do battle in the WCIA Bath of Blood are repeat offenders from last year, including the 2012 champ, video game giant Electronic Arts.

No Golden Poo winner has ever repeated, but considering the timing of EA’s most recent stumbles, we can only assume the company really wants a second trophy to match the one it’s already received. But in order to do so, it will need to get through some formidable competition, like Bank of America, which has taken home the Silver Poo as runner-up for the last two years, and which inherited Countrywide Financial’s earlier win.

Other notable returners include 2012’s third-place finisher AT&T, perennial semifinalist Ticketmaster, former champ Comcast, scourge of the independent e-tailer PayPal, and Sallie Mae, a name that seems to be on the dartboard of most people trying to repay their student loans.

For the last two years, first-time WCIA contenders (EA and BP) have managed to outsuck the field of Worst Company veterans and walk away triumphant. Could one of the members of this year’s freshman class make this a true trend?

Could Carnival immortalize its “Poop Cruise” in the form of a goldish-colored poo statue? Has JCPenney’s bumpy turnaround given it enough of a push to take a shot at retailers that have been horrible for a lot longer? Will Anheuser-Busch just acquire all of its competitors in order to win by default?

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be posting two to three WCIA bouts per day. Voting will only be open for three hours for each poll.

Here are the results of the completed matches so far —
EA (78%) vs. Bank of America (22%)

Comcast (55%) vs. Ticketmaster (45%)

Bank of America (54%) vs. Comcast (46%)
EA (79%) vs. Ticketmaster (21%)

Bank of America (64%) vs. Walmart (36%)
Ticketmaster (55%) vs. Carnival (45%)
Comcast (67%) vs. Time Warner Cable (33%)
EA (84%) vs. AT&T (16%)

Walmart (59%) vs. Sears (41%)
Bank of America (73%) vs. Chase (27%)
Sallie Mae (38%) vs. Ticketmaster (62%)
AT&T (54%) vs. Apple (46%)
EA (79%) vs. Facebook (21%)
FedEx (16%) vs. Time Warner Cable (84%)
Comcast (83%) vs. DirecTV (17%)
Carnival (73%) Vs. Spirit (27%)

Time Warner Cable (79%) vs. Cablevision (21%)
Walmart (58%) vs. Best Buy (42%)
DirecTV (56%) vs. Dish (44%)
Sallie Mae (53%) vs. PayPal (47%)
Facebook (89%) vs. Google (11%)
Chase (51%) vs. Wells Fargo (49%)
Spirit (59%) vs. American Airlines (41%)
Sears (77%) vs. JCPenney (23%)
Apple (65%) vs. Microsoft (35%)
Bank of America (68%) vs. Capital One (32%)
EA (92%) vs. Anheuser-Busch InBev (8%)
Comcast (89%) vs. T-Mobile (11%)
Ticketmaster (64%) vs. Equifax (36%)
United (25%) vs. Carnival (75%)
AT&T (68%) vs. Verizon (32%)
UPS (45%) vs. FedEx (55%)


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