Red Bull Says Blackmailers Are Threatening To Contaminate Drinks With Poo

These days it feels like we’re up to our ears in news involving fecal matter — poop cruises and almond cakes and the like — so we apologize if you haven’t eaten lunch yet. Might wanna do that before reading on… In the latest poo news, Red Bull says it’s the target of a blackmailer threatening to contaminate its drinks with waste unless the company pays up.

It’s unclear how the blackmailers would get the poop into beverage cans, however. And as Reuters reports, no fecal matter has been found at stores where the extortionists claimed to have committed the dirty deed.

“Someone has been trying to blackmail Red Bull for weeks,” Austrian-based Red Bull said in a statement, saying it’s making the threat public so the blackmailers will lose leverage.  “We are cooperating closely with police and share the opinion that we are close to the perpetrators and they will be found.

Police in Salzburg say they’re saying nothing, while prosecutors there say they’ve been investigating the threat since March, but no contamination has been found.”

Red Bull maker says is target of blackmail [Reuters]

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