Mom Sues McDonald’s After Son Allegedly Eats Used Condom Found On Floor

Another mom is taking McDonald’s to task for the conditions of its restaurants’ play areas. But this time, it’s not about microscopic pathogens lurking on the slide; it’s about how some of a used condom allegedly ended up in a child’s stomach.

Chicago’s NBC 5 reports on the suit, filed Wednesday in Cook County, IL, Circuit Court.

According to the mother of two young sons, she took them to eat and play at a Chicago McDonald’s in Feb. 2012. While in the play area, she claims her children came upon a used condom. The younger of the boys, then two years old, later coughed up a piece of the condom, alleges the suit, which seeks at least $50,000 in damages and compensation for medical treatment.

And so she has sued McDonald’s Corp. and McDonald’s of Illinois for negligence, for what she sees as a failure to keep the play area safe, clean, and free from people who would commit “deviant activities” in the playground.

McDonald’s and other restaurants with play areas for children have come under fire in recent years. One mother in Arizona has made national headlines for performing swab tests on playground equipment to show the lack of care some restaurants have been giving to these child-centered structures.

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