Would You Be Okay Ditching Metal Keys In Favor Of A Smartphone App To Start Your Car?

“Where are my keys? I had them right here. But where are they now? UGH I NEED TO FIND MY KEYS.” That’s happened to you probably, but what about losing your smartphone? Maybe not as often, and it’s easier to find what with that whole ringing/beeping and otherwise making noise feature. In the future, losing your keys might be tougher as the American Automobile Association predicts smartphone apps will replace traditional car keys.

Some cars already use electronic keys and fobs (which did lead to self-starting issues cited in a recent Subaru recall) and the AAA thinks this technology is simply paving the way for phones to take over, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Already in the technology club are Chevrolet and Nissan, both which already have mobile apps that can be used to monitor and control certain car functions. Hyundai also unveiled plans for a smartphone that can work with a vehicle to perform some functions as well.

“Traditional car keys will likely become obsolete and be replaced by technologies offering even greater security and convenience,” John Nielsen, AAA director of automotive engineering and repair told the L.A. Times. “Motorists will need to adapt with the technology to avoid the hassle and expense of smart key replacements.”

That could make less work for the AAA, which rescued 4 million locked out drivers last year, a number that hasn’t changed much in the last five years.

AAA says smartphones may soon replace traditional car keys [L.A. Times]

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