Newman’s Own Takes Accusations Of Cat Food Recall Really, Really Seriously

Image courtesy of (jonasflanken)

Like most Consumerist readers, Richard was out looking for cat food of only the finest quality. The local high-end pet store didn’t carry the Newman’s Own product that he was looking for, and he was surprised to hear why. The employee told him that it had been recalled and the store wouldn’t stock it. This surprised Richard: he hadn’t heard about any recalls, so he sent a quick e-mail using the company web site’s form. Most of us would assume at this point that we’d hear back from a customer service drone, maybe. Not a staff veterinarian.

Richard writes:

I went to a local highbrow pet food store literally across the street from our local Whole Foods. Even though I was buying a nationally produced product I wanted to buy it from a ‘local’ store if I could. They had basically the same stuff, except the Newman’s Own cat food I was looking for. I asked about it and was told that the owner would not stock it due to recalls.

I was not familiar with recalls associated with Newman’s Own so I went to the Newman’s Own site and submitted a question. That was on Saturday morning. I got a response from one of their corporate veterinarians last night at 9:21.

I am including the email as [redacted] responded that they have had no FDA recalls and even asked for the store’s contact info so that they could help to educate/lessen-their-confusion.


This isn’t huge, but I try to give ‘props’ when they are due. Go, Newman’s Own!

It’s nice to know that the company that makes your pet’s food takes accusations of problems more seriously than some companies seem to take actual problems with their products.

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