Toshiba Sends Contractor To My House To Break My TV Even More, Shrugs

The screen damage.

The screen damage.

Chad is getting surgery soon: a spinal fusion. He’d like to be able to lie around and stare at his TV while he recovers from the operation, but his TV isn’t working so well. Audio from the coaxial connection went fuzzy, and now doesn’t work at all. A technician came to repair the TV, which was under warranty, and just went ahead and drilled through the screen. Now Chad is stuck between the service company and Toshiba, and they just keep passing him back and forth.

I purchased a Toshiba 47” 3D Led TV in Early 2012. (Model 47TL515U) This was my first larger size flat screen and I wanted everything. 3D, LED, 1080P, 240hz. Everything was fun until Mid December. The Audio when watching over the coax connection developed static in it. Then the audio for Component connections just failed to work. We did our own troubleshooting to determine it was the TV and not any of my other devices or connections and called Toshiba. They opened up a warranty claim to replace the main board. It ended up being on back order and finally around mid-January the tech came to our home to fix the TV. (Toshiba Contracts tech to a company called Nexicore/AVNet)

The technician ran into an issue where one of the factory screws on the back cover was stripped so he decided to drill it out and he ended up drilling through my screen breaking my TV even further. It was bad enough that the technician wanted to be shady about it and call it in as another warranty claim. I spoke to his company and told them the truth and they said they would order me a new screen/panel and fix the TV.

The panel has been on back order for several weeks now and the date has been pushed out twice. (Currently March 10th). I spoke with a Case manager at Toshiba who basically said it would be up to Nexicore/AVnet to replace the TV since the part wasn’t available and Nexicore/Avnet keeps telling me it’s up to Toshiba.

Fast Forward to this week. I got a voice mail from the supervisor at Nexicore/AVNet advising that Toshiba has agreed to replace my TV. Finally after almost two months I thought this was going to soon be over. She advised that someone from Toshiba would be calling me to arrange the replacement. This week has come and gone and no call so I tried to contact the Nexicore/AVnet supervisor I spoke with and left several messages through this week with no return phone call. I spoke with a customer service rep today who said that supervisor was out and to call Toshiba directly to get the replacement started. I did just that upon her advise and spoke with a Toshiba Case Manager who saw no mention of a replacement TV being granted and only that the repair order was cancelled..


I’m stuck between two companies that blame each other. Technically this is Nexicore/AVNet’s fault since their tech is the one who damaged the TV but no one there seems to understand that and I’m forced to try and deal with Toshiba which has been no help via phone or Twitter. At this moment I am waiting for this Case manager at Toshiba to Contact Nexicore/AVNet to see if they can figure out what’s going on.

I am about to go out for a spinal fusion in my neck in 2 weeks and just would like a working TV that I can watch since I will be stuck at home for several weeks and not have to worry about trying to deal with this nightmare of support

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