How I Straightened Out A Verizon FiOS Mess With A Single E-Mail

Edwin wanted to stay with Verizon FiOS, but they didn’t want to stay with him as he moved to a new city. He tried, really, he did. Before packing it all in and giving up on Big Fiber, he tried what is a standard move to Consumerist users but a little more novel to most people. That is, of course, the executive e-mail carpet bomb.

Edwin wrote to us:

I would like to thank you for your great page on how to put together a EECB. I had an issue with Verizon as I was moving from one city to another and was transferring my FiOS services to the new location. Suffice it to say, things did not go as planned and it seemed everytime I called to resolve the issue, it just got worse and worse. As I was about to cancel and go with someone else, I decided I should go ahead and try the ace in the hole that has worked for many others.

The EECB worked for me as well. After constructing a letter and sending it off to the Officers I found off Verizon’s website and learning what corporate email address is used, I received several calls about my service and miracously had it fixed practically overnight. I have a technician coming over to ensure everything is working well even though this is a “self-install”.

Want to see that successful letter? Here it is, in its entirety. Edwin signed it with his full name and his account numbers, of course.

March 4, 2013

Dear Mr. Reed,
I am writing this letter after having spoken with the sales, billing, IT, help desk, and other Verizon departments to no avail about my FiOS move/ installation.
As a happy customer of Verizon since 2001 of Wireless and (later) FiOS, I have never experienced an issue with you until now. I have recently moved to my significant other’s parents’ home which carried FiOS internet, cable and digital phone with the intention of transferring the parent’s phone number [(xxx)xxx-xxxx] onto my Verizon account. When I initially set up moving my account two weeks prior, I was told that the move should occur on 3/1/13 (Order xxxxxxxx52).

However, on the day of the move, we were left without internet, cable, or phone. I called Verizon for an update and after speaking to various departments for over 3 hours, I was told the transference of the number was the impediment. The prior owner of the telephone number gave allowance to Verizon to transfer her number to us and told them that their account should be canceled on 3/1/13. Verizon set a date of 3/4/13, thus the delay of services.

    Today, we are still without any services and have called Verizon twice for an update and have been told various issues are preventing us from utilizing FiOS:

  • The phone number still has not been transferred
  • My old phone number from a different area code has been transferred instead of the phone number originally discussed.
  • Because it is a self-install, boxes must be sent. However, the boxes have not been shipped yet (even with a move date of 3/1/13.
  • A new install date of 3/11/13 has been emailed to me

I am exhausted. I have spent more time with you and your staff than ever before in my life about something that should not be so trivial. On top of that, there are members in the household that utilize the internet for their daily work lives and this problem has cost them valuable time and money for them and their respective employers.

On top of that, the amount of frustration is causing me hesitation and to possibly switch cable providers and cell phone coverage ($300 -$400 a month).

I implore you to change my fragile perception of Verizon and restore my faith in you.


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