Couple Foils Their Walmart Crime Spree With A Marital Screaming Match In The Parking Lot

The couple that shoplifts together, stays together — unless marital disputes get in the way, perhaps. A husband and wife team reportedly had a successful crime spree at an Illinois Walmart, allegedly boosting $2,400 in stolen merchandise without any store employees noticing a thing. But they sure paid attention when the two started a screaming match in the parking lot.

Officers were able to catch up with the twosome’s car after the fight called attention to them, and a sheriff’s deputy got suspicious about the large number of items in the car with them, reports WJBD News.

The two were released at first, but then Walmart checked the store’s surveillance video and allegedly caught the thievery as well as the fight that ensued. Video reportedly showed the three hours the two spent inside the store, allegedly ripping open packaging and taking cameras, tools, electronics, vehicle maintenance equipment and even busting into a jewelry case to pilfer items.

Cops say somehow the two managed to hide all the destroyed packaging within the store and then leave with merchandise hidden in a purse, a diaper bag and in their clothing.

Police went to the home of the husband and wife where Bonnie and Clyde had reportedly set out all their booty on the floor. That was enough for cops to arrest them for felony retail theft.

And while it’s unclear what caused the fight in the first place (stealing the wrong anniversary jewelry?), it must’ve been pretty intense as the the man was also charged with domestic battery for the parking lot incident.

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Wamac Couple Reportedly Gets Away With Salem Wal-Mart Crime Spree Until They Get In A Fight On the Parking Lot [WJBD Radio]

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