Couple Facing Felony Theft Charges After Admitting Skipping Out On Movie Tickets Before

The first rule of getting caught doing something bad is, or should be, “shut up.” Not that we condone stealing snacks from your employer or sneaking into movies, of course. As such, a husband and wife team were nabbed without tickets to a movie and are now facing felony theft charges after saying this wasn’t their first time at the ticket-skipping rodeo.

The Smoking Gun has all the details of the arrest at a theater in Indiana, where the couple had paid for tickets to see Snitch. No snitch was needed for off-duty cops who apparently took note of the twosome leaving that theater when the movie was over.

According to police, the couple hadn’t shelled out the $6.75 each for the zombie romance flick Warm Bodies, and were spotted due to the man’s “very colorful clothing, white vest, white dress pants, and a bright red shirt.” Another cop thought he remembered these two sneaking into movies without tickets before.

When the couple didn’t show up in the halls of the theater complex, the two cops popped into the other theaters until they were found settling in to watch the flick for free, and asked them to leave the theater.

After they couldn’t produce ticket stubs, the couple not only admitted to doing wrong, but reportedly “advised they had snuck into movies at this movie complex 3 to 4 other times.” The couple claim they weren’t thinking straight as they’d been at a funeral that day.

Sad though that may be, the duo is likely even more bummed to face felony theft charges, all over $13 and their own admittedly sneaky history at the movies.

Couple Faces Felony Rap For Movie Sneak [The Smoking Gun]

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