Allegedly Drunk Man Caught Driving Walmart Mobility Scooter Down Highway

It wasn’t all that worrisome that a 27-year-old man was glassy-eyed and failed a field sobriety test when police stopped him on an Indiana highway. The real problem, and the reason why they stopped him, is that he was driving an electric mobility scooter. That belonged to a nearby Walmart. On the highway. At nearly four in the morning.

People do try to drive mobility scooters on highways, even though they’re small, unlit, not very visible, and not even street legal. Usually, those scooters are their own, and don’t belong to the local mega-mart.

Where did he get the scooter? He “found it.” He did not specify to police where he found it, so we’re going to guess “in the front entrance of Walmart.”

Police: Drunken driving suspect stopped on Walmart scooter [Indianapolis Star] (Thanks, Charles!)

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