Here’s What Happens When Guy Fieri Doesn’t Register The Domain For His Restaurant’s Name

We all had a good chuckle back when frost-tipped, backward sunglasses-wearing celebuchef Guy Fieri opened his Times Square Restaurant, Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar. He had “donkey sauce” on the menu! Tee hee! Etc. But despite the maelstrom of media surrounding that restaurant’s opening, it seems Fieri or someone on his team forgot to do a very important thing — purchase the domain name of the restaurant.

See, the official web page for the joint is just, and is linked to on Fieri’s main page so it’s doubtful you’d miss it if you’re looking. But as for the name, the domain name made up of the actual words in the restaurant’s title, well, that went to someone else.

We’re surprised it took this long but pleased as punch that it happened, just because of the sheer ridiculousness of the faux menu items. A few favorites:

The “Hobo Lobo Bordello Slam Jam” Appetizer 49.95: We take 38 oz of super-saddened, Cheez-gutted wolf meat, lambast it with honey pickle wasabi and pile drive it into an Ed Hardy-designed bucket. Sprayed with Axe and finished with a demiglaze of thick and funky Mushroom Dribblins.

The Blitzmas Beast 28.50: Two jumbo Big Gulp Slurpee cups filled with nacho cheese and tied to each other with 25 bacon strips fashioned into a giant bow. Shellacked with Slim Jim style jus, and topped with a dollop of smoked kitchen leavings.

Side Salad: The Olive Garden 15.90: 22 pounds of wine-stunned Kalamata olives tumbled over chopped iceberg lettuce and served in a trough, family-style. Ranch hose optional, but recommended.

According to Gawker, the guy (pun intended? Not really) who bought the name can’t take all the credit for the menu’s various offerings, as some were culled from Twitter. You can see those names credited in this link.We could spend all day thinking up menu items for Fieri so we can see how it’d become a hobby.

But still, kudos for snatching that domain name up. Other celebucheftantesocialiterealitystars and whathaveyou, take note.

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