Man Smashes Wells Fargo Window, Arrested When He Tries To Pay For Damage

It’s a fact: Some people do stupid things when they are drunk. Some of those same people also have the decency to try to atone for their mistakes when they realize they screwed up (and will probably get caught).

Thus is the case with a New Jersey man who, while intoxicated, apparently thought it would be a good idea to kick out the glass door of his local Wells Fargo branch in Princeton.

A few hours later, presumably realizing that he’d done something incredibly dumb — and that he might be identified as the window-kicker since he lives only three doors down from the bank — he returned to the bank to offer to pay for the damage.

But the bank wasn’t open yet, so the man lingered by the broken door while waiting for the manager to arrive. This brought the attention of police officers.

The man fessed up to the officers about his actions. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.

Princeton man allegedly smashes bank window while drunk, gets arrested when he returns to pay for it []