guy fieri’s american kitchen & bar


Guy Fieri’s Times Square Restaurant Is Still Open & Is Charging $795 For VIP New Year’s Eve Tables

Lest you think that Guy Fieri’s oft-ridiculed Times Square restaurant had closed up shop amid a surfeit of negative reviews and concerns over What Exactly Is In That Donkey Sauce, fear not! Not only is the American Kitchen and Bar still alive and ostensibly shoveling the aforementioned sauce down diners’ throats, but you can pay $795 for a VIP table for two to hang out there on New Year’s Eve. [More]

(We see what you did there.)

Here’s What Happens When Guy Fieri Doesn’t Register The Domain For His Restaurant’s Name

We all had a good chuckle back when frost-tipped, backward sunglasses-wearing celebuchef Guy Fieri opened his Times Square Restaurant, Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar. He had “donkey sauce” on the menu! Tee hee! Etc. But despite the maelstrom of media surrounding that restaurant’s opening, it seems Fieri or someone on his team forgot to do a very important thing — purchase the domain name of the restaurant. [More]