Bank Of America, Comcast Among Familiar Names In List Of Least Reputable Companies

Once again, the folks at Harris Interactive have released their Reputation Quotient Report, which rates public perception of 60 highly visible companies. Regular readers of Consumerist will not be shocked to see which companies brought up the rear this year.

The Reputation Quotient first asks respondents to identify the most visible businesses and then rate each on an array of attributes in six categories: Emotional Appeal, Products & Services, Social Responsibility, Vision & Leadership, Workplace Environment, and Financial Performance.

You can check out the entire report [PDF] but here are the bottom 10 companies in this year’s report:
51. Comcast
52. Wells Fargo
53. JPMorgan Chase
54. BP
55. Citigroup
56. Bank of America
57. American Airlines
58. Halliburton
59. Goldman Sachs
60. AIG

That’s five former (and possibly future) Worst Company In America winners — Comcast, BP, Bank of America (Countrywide), Halliburton, AIG — in one list, which only goes to show that Consumerist readers know how to pick ’em.

It’s worth noting that Bank of America had the highest year-over-year improvement in its Reputation Quotient, but still only managed to be ranked #56 out of 60.

For those that are interested, here is this year’s top 10, which does include four businesses that have been in the Worst Company tournament (Apple, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Sony), but have never won:

1. Amazon
2. Apple
3. Walt Disney Company
4. Google
5. Johnson & Johnson
6. Coca-Cola
7. Whole Foods
8. Sony
9. Procter & Gamble
10. Costco

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