FTD Kicks Off The Valentine’s Day Disappointment Season With Subpar Roses On February 11th

Alex tried to beat the rush. He had a dozen roses delivered to his lady’s workplace on Monday, February 11th, paying $96 for the privilege. Whatever he expected, it was not what appears in the photo that he sent: even properly lit, there’s a lot more green and a lot less luscious red rose in that picture than there should be.

It’s not just the flowerfail that bothers Alex: it’s that the local florist wants to come fetch the flowers today to try again. The ladies of Consumerist compete to see whose gentlemen admirers can send us the strongest coffee*, but most women apparently love receiving flowers at work. How does having your flowers repo’d compare?

One of these things is greener than the other.

One of these things is greener than the other. (Captions by reader Alex)

Alex writes:

I purchased roses for my sweety pie in advance of V-DAY. I paid over $96 and got CRAP in return.

I called customer service and they said the option I have is for the florist to PICK UP those terrible flowers and re-deliver. Mind you, nothing is guaranteed as of this point and the aforementioned sentence is wishful thinking at best until further notice

Um, yeah, let us embarrass my girlfriend. Let us BARGE into her office to pickup those terrible flowers and HOPE they can do a better job sometime this week. I mean, THIS IS COMICAL.

Where else does false adverting like this exist?

I feel I was duped by this company. It’s like I purchased a BMW and rec’d a beaten down 1983 Pinto.

Oh yeah, was on hold for 10 minutes initially AND was on the phone with the rep for another 20. The rep, [A], was very nice, however.

The question, of course, is whose fault this is. Customers shouldn’t expect the end product to look exactly like the photo, especially when it’s the biggest flower-giving day of the year. If our comments section were back, readers would place the blame squarely on Alex for not calling up the local FTD-affiliated florist directly. That might have helped, as long as he was careful and didn’t end up ordering from a fake local florist.

If you send or receive disappointing flowers this week, snap a picture and send it to us here at tips@consumerist.com or use our Tipster mobile app.

* – Not really. Don’t send coffee.

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