Am I Asking Too Much, Or Does Logitech Not Care About Harmony Remote Line Anymore?

It wasn’t that long ago that readers routinely wrote to us with joyful accounts of how Logitech replaced their pricey Harmony remote controls for free when something went wrong. Winning Harmony customers’ loyalty and gratitude isn’t a priority anymore, though. Along with their disappointing third-quarter results, Logitech announced late last month that they will be selling off their remote control and video security systems, and ending their lines of console accessories and speaker docks. Mike heard those tales of wondrous service from the past, and expected something similar when his replacement remote broke and needed replacing.

He figures that this is why they won’t replace his replacement unit, but that’s not necessarily the case. It’s normal for a company to send a replacement, and have the warranty period on the replacement item only last as long as the original warranty on the original item that you actually bought. That’s not much comfort to Mike, though, who expected to get more than just over two years’ use out of a $140 remote that will cost $250 to replace. Maybe that’s unreasonable.

He writes:

I purchased a new Harmony One remote in late 2010 (December I think). In January 2012 (A little over a year after purchase) the remote stopped functioning. In March 2012, after several phone calls, Logitech agreed to ship me a new (not refurbished) replacement remote since I was only a few months outside of warranty. They made me jump through some hoops, but I thought that was a fair resolution to my complaint.

Last week (right before the Superbowl) the replacement remote failed. I was upset, but figured this would be an easy fix, since it was less than twelve months old and it exhibited the same problems as the previous remote. (All of the hard button refused to work.)

As you can see by the emails below, Logitech has decided that there is no warranty on replacement units (beyond the original unit warranty period) and I just have to go out and buy another one. Too bad they don’t make the Harmony One any more, so I am stuck buying either a more expensive unit (Harmony Touch $249) or a less expensive one (Harmony 650 $79.99) that won’t do what the old $140 one did. Am I wrong to assume that a replacement new unit should at least have a warranty that is the same length as the original unit? I might understand if they sent me a refurbished unit, but not for a new unit.

Off to social media!

I posted on their Facebook page and after several back and forth conversations and PM’s with someone who runs the site I was told that someone would email me. I have not heard back from Logitech since then.

That’s the key: the brand-new unit was new in every sense except the “having a warranty” one.

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