Logitech Miraculously Sends You A New Remote When Yours Dies

Reader Eric wants everyone to know that Logitech has great customer service. We’ve heard this before, but here’s some more evidence.

Eric says:

I wanted to give you a post on the recent issue with my Logitech Harmony ONE remote. I’ve had the remote for about a year now, and recently discovered the battery was loosing its charge very fast. I occasionally felt the remote was getting hot but thought perhaps it was just warm in my home theater. I decided to check and remove the battery.

Well… low and behold the case on the battery was swollen, smelt like burt plastic and was clearly swelling at the center.

I first contacted Logitech support to report the damage and broken battery at 1-866-291-1505, but was only given a case number and referred to their replacement parts and claims center at 1-866-621-5644.

I gave the very nice lady on the phone my case number and when she asked if the product was in warranty I simply responded I did not know. I gave her my serial number and I explained the situation and she, without a single word, asked for my shipping address, and issued a complete product replacement, not with a refurbished unit but a brand new one!

I just wanted to share my success of following the yellow brick road of bureaucracy and provide other customers with the numbers for faster, better, and direct product support as I am aware it is a simple yet common issue with lithium rechargeable batteries.

Thanks, Eric!

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