Boston Market Worker Fired For Telling Exec On ‘Undercover Boss’ That He Hates Customers

While service industry workers can’t go around thinking that every new hire is a mole operating as part of a reality TV show, perhaps it’s not the best idea to tell the co-worker you just met how much you despise, loathe and otherwise abhor your customers. A loose-lipped Boston Market worker found himself removed from those customers he hated so, after admitting as much to an undercover company executive on Undercover Boss.

The shift supervisor is the first worker to get axed on the CBS reality show, and we can see why. As the New York Daily News points out, his attitude on the episode isn’t what any customer would want to come in contact with.

While his new trainee waitress — really the company’s Chief Brand Officer — listened, he spouted off about “selfish and demanding” customers.

“I literally hate customers more than anything in the entire world. I hate them so much. They’re terrible. It’s all about them all the time and they demand everything,” he says.

Well, if they’re demanding a sandwich, that is understandable, seeing as they’re at a Boston Market. But we digress!

The exec was so exasperated she had to leave the room to cool off and think about what it means to have such an employee working for the company.

“My job’s on the line. Here I am a representative of this brand and this is what happens. It can’t happen on my watch,” she says. ” I can’t have someone who just told me that they hate customers more than anything in the world serving our guests. That’s the complete antithesis of what we stand for.”

After she reveals her identity and advises the branch manager to give him the boot, the worker doesn’t seem to care much. After all, now he doesn’t have to spend time with all those people he hates so much.

“I would tell them my attitude would change but I didn’t think it was that terrible. It’s not wrong of me to hate people,” he said.

It’s not exactly right to hate people either, is it, guy? He’s not the first one to express a dislike for customers and get the boot, however, and we’re sure he won’t be the last.

Boston Market worker gets the boot after ranting about hating customers on ‘Undercover Boss’ [New York Daily News]

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