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Boston Market Worker Fired For Telling Exec On ‘Undercover Boss’ That He Hates Customers

While service industry workers can’t go around thinking that every new hire is a mole operating as part of a reality TV show, perhaps it’s not the best idea to tell the co-worker you just met how much you despise, loathe and otherwise abhor your customers. A loose-lipped Boston Market worker found himself removed from those customers he hated so, after admitting as much to an undercover company executive on Undercover Boss. [More]

How Real Is Undercover Boss?

How Real Is Undercover Boss?

Have you caught this Undercover Boss show on CBS? For the unitiated, they take corporate head honchos and send them undercover at their own companies for a few day. To the skeptics (like yours truly), it always seems a little too packaged and contrived to be genuine, but some of the workers featured on the show say it’s the real deal. [More]