Comcast Doesn’t Understand The Idea Of ‘Transferring Service,’ Shuts All Of Our Services Down

Brad is a longtime customer of Comcast, and he planned to take Comcast with him to his new home. This was a mistake. Not the part where he was going to keep using Comcast: in many areas, people who want cable don’t really have a choice. His mistake was letting Comcast know ahead of time that he planned to move. Things began to go terribly wrong within mere minutes, and he is still without any of his Comcast services, even though the move is weeks away.

I have been an unfortunate long-time customer of Comcast here in the [redacted] area. Recently, we signed a new lease and planned on moving within a month. I had previously seen a lot of ads for Comcast’s MoversEdge service where they supposedly make transferring service to a new address easy. PLEASE BEWARE, Comcast employees do not actually know how to accomplish this, save yourself the trouble and simply switched providers if you move. May you learn from my mistakes!

Initially, I went to, signed into my account and selected the option to move or transfer. After I entered all of the information, including the future date I wanted the transfer to occur, the system could not find my account so it sent me to an instant chat rep. The representative was in the process of setting up the transfer, or so I thought. In actuality, he simply disconnected all of my services (phone, internet and tv) instead of making the transfer. Upon realizing this, the rep denied he had done anything to my account and instead transferred me to technical support.

Tech support was unable to fix the representative’s mistake and restore my services, but said someone in sales could fix it. After being transferred around multiple times, a helpful sales rep finally understood what had occurred. Unfortunately he said he could not fix the issue that evening because the transfer request was already pending in the system, and I would have to wait until the next day for my services to be restored. To add insult to injury, this rep was off the following day but promised he would have an associate finish fixing everything. The other rep did call the next day, promised everything had been fixed, and said my services would be restored within 24 hours.

Well as you may have guessed, 24 hours came and went and we still had none of our services restored. That evening, I again called Comcast, this time I spoke to someone in activations. She was of not help either, first she put me on hold for 20 minutes while she called the sales department to “verify” she could reactivate my account. Then she promised to finish the restoration and give me a call back, of course she never called back. I guess it was my mistake to trust she would do as she had promised (Comcast Guarantee???). So after waiting an hour for her to call, and not receiving a call or seeing my services restored, I again called the sales department. (Apparently, it appears the sales department gets a commission is they move or transfer my service because all the sales department cared about what setting up the actual transfer after my services were restored, but at least they were more helpful than all other departments, including tech support, combined.) Finally, this sales representative had all of our services restored, but became pushy in wanting to arrange the transfer. I declined, stating he could call me back next week to finish it.

The following morning, I received a call from Comcast, saying now that my services had been restored, they could successfully schedule the future transfer order. I foolishly allowed him to process the future transfer order and presumed everything was setup. That was until I tried calling my home number a few hours later, only to find that again, all of my current services had been disconnected (it said my phone number was no longer in service).

So I started this process all over again called Comcast, after being transferred around, found a nice woman who understood what had occurred and again, promised to restore my services. She said she verified that everything was going to be restored and she had taken care of the activation process. When she made a test call, my number was still not in service, but she claimed it would be resolved within an hour. Of course, again after an hour no service, so again I called Comcast. After calling the activation number and verifying that my services were active, I called technical support to get help. The rep explained that because I was not at home there was nothing she could do. I explained that the issue was not with the equipment (since I had changed nothing to make this happen or since it started, and it had previously been resolved without me needing to do anything or be at home), and that the issue was on Comcast’s end. She rudely agreed to help me even though I was not at home and placed me on hold. Then she disconnected the call.

I have spent 4 days without services all due to the mistake, and subsequent mistakes of many many Comcast employees. No one has been able to explain why there has been such a long delay nor been able to actually restore my services. The best part is that Comcast continues to bill me for these services I currently do not receive and keep trying to charge me fees to activate or reconnect my services even though it was their fault to begin with. Please, take my advice, NEVER try to schedule a move of your Comcast equipment ahead of time.

We referred Brad on to Comcast’s Twitter team of extra-special customer service ninjas. We’ll let you know if they manage to help get his services turned back on, or at least don’t hang up on him.

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